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Barber King Cut

Beginning with a Proper Consultation, then using Traditional Barbering methods used to tailor the
Clients desired look, Groomed with all Premium hair products.
30 min
450 kr

Barber BMT Classic

Consultation, Trimming the beard to the desired length.
15 min
250 min

Barber BMT Deluxe

Consultation, Trimming the beard to the desired length, Hot towel and defining the beard lines with
a razor knife.
30 min
400 kr

Barber Clean Shave

Consultation, relaxing hot towel wrap, pre-shave oil, and hot lather from an exfoliating badger-hair
brush. Next is the straight razor going with the grain, removing any stubble.
45 min
450 kr

Hangover Treatment

Not just an antidote for long nights, but a general relief and rescue service for gents who need a refresh.
30 min
400 kr

Barber Buzz Cut

Beginning with consultation, We then take the same length over the whole head with a clipper
machine, followed by detailing the outer lines of the haircut and neck with a straight razor shave.
15 min
250 kr

Barber NBS

This service is pretty straight forward, we’ll only be cutting just the sides and back of the hair. It is is
ideal for the gentleman that wants his fade to stay sharp.
15 min
250 kr


Ge någon lite vardagslyx, ge bort en stund på en av våra Barbershops. Ett presentkort är en perfekt överraskning till någon du vill unna lite extra vardagslyx.

Du kan inte lämna återbud via mail. 
Avbokning görs endast per telefon till respektive Barbershop på
​​​​​​​tel: 026 142400. 
Avbokning skall ske senast 24 timmar innan din bokade tid.
Utebliven tid debiteras till fullt pris.

Vi förbehåller oss rätten till prisändringar.

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